What do we do and why?

The Natalí Dafne Flexer Foundation was created in 1995. Since then, our main concern has been the development of different support programs for families, the general public, professionals and other institutions related to childhood cancer (such as hospitals, schools and organizations dedicated to helping others).

>Our work was first developed at a local level (the capital city of Buenos Aires and it’s outskirts). But, during the past ten years, our work has grown not only at a national and regional level (in Latin America) but also internationally (within the International Childhood Cancer Parent’s Organization - ICCCPO).

During these years we have been working to palliate the suffering not only of children with cancer, but also of those around them. This is why the help we offer - always free of charge - includes: information material (books and resource magazines), legal advice, medical insurance advice, emotional support, parental assistance, recreation activities, drugs bank, nutritional reinforcement grants, registry of blood and platelet donors, outdoor activity creative workshops for parents and children, provision of medical resources such as wheelchairs, corsets and prosthesis, family grants, transport and services counseling, school counseling, advice on community resources such as bus subsidiaries, clothing and food.

We are also in charge of the Playroom at the Hematho-Oncolgy Service at the Casa Cuna and at the Posadas Hospital, two important public children’s hospitals in our country, located in the capital and outer Buenos Aires, respectively. We also provide assistance to hospitals and organizations for children with cancer throughout the country.

In total, during these years we have assisted more than 3.000 families and distributed more than 80.000 information books in Argentina and the rest of Latin America. In our efforts to improve the quality of medical assistance throughout the country and to reduce the existing gaps in current access to adequate treatment, we carried out the remodeling of the Hematho Oncological Ward of the Niño Jesús Hospital in Tucumán, in the north of Argentina.

The families receiving our help mostly have scarce, or no, resources and often are unable to respond to the demands of their child’s treatment. Given the disease’s characteristics, it is essential that the child receives treatment in time and properly.

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