Mission and Objectives

The Natalí Dafne Flexer Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer and their families. Our mission is to support children suffering from malignant diseases (childhood cancer) by helping their families obtain the necessary information improving their quality of life and helping them get the best available treatment. We are also committed to helping children and their families deal with childhood cancer by providing fairer access to support and health care services.

Other activities include increasing public awareness about the severity of childhood cancer and the importance of early detection and treatment. This is why, in the year 2000, we opened a house opposite one of the major pediatric hospitals of the city, the Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutierrez.

We currently cooperate with almost all hospitals that assist pediatric oncology patients in Buenos Aires and, over time, we have developed strong links with institutions and other help groups throughout the country. All this is enhancing interdisciplinary work between institutions and organisations.

Efecto Mariposa

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Dirección de Fundación Natalí Dafne Flexer - Buenos Aires Argentina

Mansilla 3125 (esquina Gallo),
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires.
Horario: Lun. a Vier. de 9 a 17 hs. Teléfono (54) 11-4825-5333 / (54) 11 6120 3523